Vocal Training Tips For Music Ministers

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Vocal Training Tips For Music Ministers

Maintaining your vocal health
They say anything worth doing is worth doing well, as God’s people we have an obligation to be diligent and skillful in everything we do to the glory of God and this of course includes singing (1 Sam 16 14:16).
I would like to classify singers as individuals who rely on their voice as the main instrument in making music. Often times, we might employ the use of supporting instruments like guitars, keyboards etc. but your voice comes first , so you will definitely need to treat it with uttermost care in order to keep it ready at all times.
There are few good habits that will keep your voice at a good level of performance at all times. They are:
1) Drink water frequently
 Humans produce sound by the vibration of the vocal cords. Located in the lower throat at the position we often call the Adam’s apple in males. The vocal cords are tissues that produce sound by constantly rubbing or hitting on each other. They should be kept moist at all times. Unfortunately their position exposes them to airflow which dries them out especially when external conditions are dry e.g. the harmattan season or in air conditioned environments. Good singers always keep their vocal chords moist by drinking water in small quantities at regular intervals. A good practice is to drink a glass of water after waking up from prolonged periods of sleep (which is usually in the morning) so unless you are fasting, the first thing to do when you wake up is to take a glass of water at room temperature. Cold water is not advisable for singers as the vocal cords become stiff when exposed to low temperatures (this is bad for singing).
2) Avoid excessive shouting or screaming
At all times resist the urge to scream or talk loudly especially in noisy or crowded places to avoid wearing out your vocal cords. Personally, i have had experiences of being at a concert and shouting when i hear a minister do something very cool only to discover my voice has changed to something rough. If you must use your voice, don’t be too loud.
3) Watch what you eat
Personally I don’t like to watch what I eat (yes!)But over time I have learnt by experience that what we eat most times affects our voice. If you want to sound good should avoid excessive intake of these foods; Dairy foods e.g. milk, oily foods e.g. oils, groundnut, fries etc. There are some nice stuffs that work well for your voice, some of them include:
Honey – Honey helps in keeping the vocal cords moist for longer periods of time. Get yourself a steady supply of good old sweet honey (original ones oh!).
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Fruits – Fruits like cucumber, oranges, apples, banana, are good for singers. Cucumber and oranges help in reducing the formation phlegm in the throat (phlegm is that stuff that looks like catarrh in the throat).


4) Breathe
Always breathe properly especially when singing. Take short breaths in between during singing. In the next publications, we will be getting to know various ways to improve our singing and breathing techniques will be one of them.
Finally, God’s people always trust in God and ask him to help you sing better, he will be too pleased to do it.
Don’t forget to keep singing everywhere you go and especially in the bathroom (that’s where legends are born).
See ya next time!
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    This is a topic that is near to my heart… Take care! Where are your contact details though?

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      You can Send me a personal message using this mail address macentemeka@gmail.com

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