[DOWNLOAD Gospel Music] Uniben Choir – Idi Ebube | Audio

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[DOWNLOAD Gospel Music] C3F Uniben Choir – Idi Ebube | Audio + Lyrics

Trust me when I say God is using this choir mightily. C3F Uniben Choir is not just a choir but a choir with a mandate to win souls for the kingdom of Christ through songs. This is another awesome track from C3F Uniben Choir titled Idi Ebube. 

Idi Ebube is the song you need when you are about to start your worship or just in the middle of it to reach that level you can communicate direct to heaven. This piece of art was made in heaven!

C3F Uniben Choir – Idi Ebube | LYRICS

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Verse 1
There is one, that I know,
He is God, He is king.
There were times,
I felt like giving up,
He was there, to see me through.
Idi Ebube,
Idi Omimi
There is none like you,
There is none like you (2x)
Idi ebube eeeeeee
Solo: Ooooh (2x)
Idi omimi iiiiiiiiiiiii
Solo: yeah…
Idi Ebube eeeee
Solo: For all the things you’ve done for me
For all the love you’ve shown to me
All: Idi Omimi
Solo: You made a way out of no way
That’s why I lift my voice to say eehhh…
Chukwu nara ekele gi
Nara otutu o gi
Odighi onye di kagi……
Chukwu nma li te na ogwu gwu eee
Agu na echemba eeeeh
Odighi onye di kagi……
Verse 2:
I lift my voice, I lift my hands,
In thanks, to your name.
You have proven, to be faithful
In my life, so I can say
Solo: Idi Ebube,
All: huuuuuu
Solo : Idi Omimi
All: huuuu
There is none like you (2x)
(Back to chrous)
Solo: And so father we worship you
With our voice, with our minds, with our spirits
We just thank you
Take all the glory
Take all the honour
Take all the worship
Because it belongs to you
You deserve it all
And that’s why we say
You deserve the praise 2x
You deserve the worship 2x
(Repeat many times)
(Chorus till fade)

[DOWNLOAD Gospel Music] Uniben Choir – Idi Ebube | Audio

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