Gospel MUSIC: Olamigreat – Looks [Download] || @olamigreat

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Gospel MUSIC: Olamigreat – Looks [Download] || @olamigreat

Nowadays we Christians love based on looks and its very wrong because thats not biblical, remember the Bible commands us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. Download this great Song titled: LOOKS BY  Olamigreat


It hurts to love somebody in this world
And never be loved in return to appreciate true love
Love comes to those who still believe
That something good can still come to their way
Yes it’s possible to meet the few wrong people
Before meeting the right one that fit our lives
It’s true we believe pe’fe sebohun lakoja ofin
But love built on lies and deciet
Ah!not love
Oro ife dabi agbalagba to nsare ninu egun ni
If something is not running after him
Definitely o nle nkan

Call:Don’t go
Respnds:Don’t go for looks
Go for somebody with the fear of God

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Verse 2:
The stumbling of many today
Was caused by the lust of yesterday
The pain many face today,
Is because of the love
(See!)for material thing
Serekode omobinrin teri gbagbe pohun gbogbo to ndan nile aye yi ko ni wura
You better stop to always go for looks
Ma gbagbe pohun gbogbo to dara laye ko lo lere

Chorus 2x

One day 3x
Otito sani yoo leke lori ife iyen ti daju
One thing 3x

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