Oil and gas companies in Nigeria for Industrial Training (IT) in 2019/2020

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Oil and gas companies in Nigeria for Industrial Training (IT)

The oil and gas industrial dates back to 61 years ago when Shell-BP discovered oil at Oloibiri in the Niger Delta. Currently, the oil and gas companies in Nigeria have helped so many students during their Industrial Training (IT) program.

Today, I will be listing some key Oil and gas companies in Nigeria for Industrial Training (IT).

Some of the companies are;

  • Addax Petroleum
  • Chevron
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Hardy Oil and Gas Plc
  • Nexen Inc
  • Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited
  • Petrobras
  • Total Nigeria
  • Shell
  • Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc
  • Statoil

Addax Petroleum

This company was founded in the year 1994 and is a subsidiary of Sinopec Group, one of the biggest oil and gas producers in China.

Addax Petroleum houses so many students during their 3-1year industrial training.


Chevron is another oil and Gas company with a high intake of IT staff.

Currently, Chevron operates under joint-venture planning with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for the onshore and offshore assets in the Niger Delta region.

The company in the year 2017 has a net daily production in Nigeria averaged 207,000 barrels of crude oil, 223 million cubic feet of natural gas and 6,000 barrels of liquefied petroleum gas.

Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil is one of the top oil and gas company in the world; its operations are related to various sources of oil, gas and alternative energy.

Exxon Mobil net worth was estimated at more than $400 billion in 2018. The company’s website is www.exxonmobil.com for more information

Hardy Oil and Gas Plc

Hardy Oil and Gas plc were founded in 1997 and it is a leading British-based oil and gas exploration and production business. It is headquartered in Aberdeen and is a former constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Hardy Oil and Gas Plc is a home for most Nigeria students to gain knowledge and increase value.

You can contact them through their website address

Nexen Petroleum Nigeria Limited

According to Wikipedia CNOOC Petroleum North America ULC, originally founded in 1971 as Nexen, is a Chinese-owned oil and gas company based in Calgary, Alberta. On 25 February 2013, Nexen became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong-based CNOOC Limited.

You can reach them through their website or you can also visit their office on 13A A.J. Marinho Dr, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited

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Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) operates in the land and swamp areas of the Niger Delta, under a joint venture agreement with NNPC.

Nigeria Agip has been helping students achieve most of their career goals They’ve always helped Nigeria students in the area of scholarship, industrial Training, and internship.


Among the top oil and gas companies in Brazil Petrobras is one of the best; a lot of Nigerians like this company and dream of joining its international team. Its main focus is on oil, gas and alternative energy sources. Its net worth was estimated at more than $73 billion. You can visit their website to know more about them.

Total Nigeria

Total Nigeria is one of the top oil and gas producers in Nigeria. They are not just into Oil and gas production, but they are also into chemical production, power generation, refining amongst other things.

Total has its head office in Paris. Its net worth is $120.2billion.

See more about Total Nigeria Industrial training here.

Shell Nigeria

Shell has been active in Nigeria since the year 1937.  The company establishments and investments have played a pioneering role in onshore, shallow and deep-water oil exploration and production.

The internship and industrial training is an annual programme for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc

Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc Internship Programme

Seplat is a leading independent oil and natural gas producer in the prolific Niger Delta area of Nigeria and a leading supplier of processed gas to the domestic market.

All those due for their 2019/ 2020 industrial training programme should apply for Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc Internship Programme now.


This company is a Norwegian based oil and gas producing company with headquarters in Stavanger, Norway.

Its net worth is estimated at more than $155 billion currently.

It has operations in thirty-six countries including Nigeria.

This is the largest Norwegian oil company in the world! It has been working with Nigeria since the 1990s. It is responsible for the Agbani search project in Nigeria.


The Oil and gas companies in Nigeria are not limited to the above-listed companies. You can also do more research to know more.

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