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Nobody Else  Victor Eden Mp3 Download+Lyrics


Thank You Jesus
Nobody’s greater than You Jesus
Nobody is stronger than our king
Nobody else is worthy
Nobody is higher than the father
Nobody /3X Thank You Jesus
Nobody else like You
Nobody else is worthy
o o o o

Verse 1:
God who was and is and is to come
Before You Lord the adversary surrenders
Strongholds break, doors are open
Darkness gives way, miracles happen
Cause You are the greater light
(Come on everywhere lift your hands and help me sing)

All sing:
Verse 1
…….God who was and is and is to come

You are worthy
Nobody else is worthy
to receive the glory
to receive the honor

now through the greatness of Your power
shall Your enemies submit Themselves to You
demons tremble, mountains crumble
in the name of Jesus Christ

Verse 2:
demons tremble at Your feet
mountains crumble in Your name
we are changed whenever You show up
the awesome wonder God You are

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Repeat Verse 2X

Oh Oh Oh 12X )2X

Back to Chorus and sing till fade

You alone deserve


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