[LYRICS] Olufumike “In my life”

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 Olufumike “In my life”

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Lord I give you my heart my heart is yours,
you are worthy of my praise I exalt u Jesus

I will enter his gate
with Thanksgiving in my heart
I will enter is court
with dancing on feet
I will say of the lord
He’s my refuge and my strength
I will say of lord
He’s my fortress and my shield (and my shield)

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Call: in my life
Res: wagba ogo
Call: Jesus in my life
Res: wagba iyin
Call: my life is in your hands
oh Lord Jesus
I wanna see hands my life
I can’t live without you in my life
Res: wagba ogo wagba ogo oh

oh oh oh oh
Mo wo oke mo wo le tani MO ri
Emanueli ton be leyin MI ton be lona MI
Agbara re lo nfa MI soke
Ola nla re lo nmu MI goke oh
Baba MI olorun MI te wo gbo ope
Who am I that u are mindful of me eniyan lasan eleran ara am saved by grace
Saved by grace

MA se jeki araye ko idi aimose simi
Jesu MI o owo re nmo fa aye MI le e

Chorus :
Call:In my life
Res:Wagba ogo
Call:oluwa wa gba iyin la aye MI oh
Res:Wagba iyin (chorus continues)
I give it all, I give all, I give it allto u
Take all the praise
Take all the worship
Lord in my way
In my life
In home
In our families
In this nation
Oluwa o
Afi aye WA le o lowo
lo bo se Fe o
Lo bo se fe
My life is in your hands.

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