Lyrics: He Knows Enkay

By | January 10, 2017

Sing it well sing it right, please make sure you read through He Knows by Enkay lyrics along side as you listen to the song.

Lyrics: He Knows by Enkay

Verse 1
How many times did u try reaching out?
How many words did u put in your prayers?
Guess it’s been a while you’ve been crying late at night
No need to fear he knows you’d be here
He never promised there won’t be shadows
But he assures an arm of strength

He knows your heart is broken
He hears your faintest cry
He knows, on his palm your name is written
He knows, he knows

Verse 2
He never lied when he said he feels your pain
He’ll never fail even when u lose your faith
He’s still a warrior who has never lost a fight
He’s still the god he lives forever more
He never promised there won’t be shadows
But he assures an arm of strength

Repeat Chorus

So don’t despair
He knows each strand of your hair
He knows your battles
And you can’t fight it alone
He knows how much you can bear
Before you call he’ll be there
He loves you and he won’t let down, let you down

Repeat Chorus

Ad lips in chorus
He knows
And that’s why he’s making a new pathway
Breaking, shaping, molding, conforming to his will
So don’t you cry
Give it all to Jesus
He knows, he loves you, he cares
All he wants you to do is
Be still and know that he is God

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