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Joe-la is one UK-Based singer & songwriter that has been a source of blessing to his listeners. Joe-la drops a single which he titled “My Sacrifice”. Joe-la premieres his much-awaited new single, “My Sacrifice“. The classic soul ballad serves as the first track from his upcoming EP releasing soon.

Akhilomen shares; “My Sacrifice is my worship and praise unto God. The bible said we should sing unto the lord a new song, and i intend to do so, as long as i live forever in Christ Jesus

Joe-la Akhilomen is a gospel recording artist, music producer and video director who has devoted his life to establish a relationship with God by conveying His word through music and serving humanity. He has received numerous awards in Europe which includes ADMA Benelux best gospel song of the year in 2014.

The official video for “My Sacrifice” is also expected to be out before summer, and will be shot in the UK.

Listen to this song by pressing the PLAY button below!

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