GOSPEL Music:: Holyspirit – Abraham Kokoro

By | January 6, 2019

Abraham Kokoro welcome this year with his newest single “Holyspirit”. This is one song that will make you quest for God the more this season.

Abraham Kokoro hails from Bayelsa, South Nigeria. A graduate of Mechanical Engineering, Niger Delta University. A versatile song writer and Praise leader with Love Transformation Church.

Holyspirit – Abraham Kokoro

Holyspirit come and take control 2x
Holyspirit please just come and take control 2x
In my life every day
Please just come and take control

You are welcome 2x

Holyspirit you are the fountain of life 2x
Satisfy me from within
You are the fountain of life

Fill my life, fill my soul
You are the fountain of life
Speak to me, I will hear
You are the sound of the mighty wind
Open my eyes and I will see the beauty of your holiness
Repeat Chorus

Holyspirit I need you now than anytime
In this lonely world, come and be my companion
In this wicked world, come and help my prayer life
In this sinful world, Lord come and be my holiness
In the height of desperation, Lord come and be my comforter
Repeat Chorus
Ad-libs till end


2 thoughts on “GOSPEL Music:: Holyspirit – Abraham Kokoro

  1. extraordinarydiscovery

    Uncountable things, indescribable feelings and experience, awesomeness of God’s divinity….the list of what; words cannot explain, all in the place of worship, how sweet can this holy spirit be….? God you’re bless!


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