10 Early Morning Excercise to Start your Day

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The  way you start your early morning hours great influences how the whole day is going to be for you. Another to have an energetic, fun filled and very productive day, this 10 exercises ate very crucial.
As Aristotle would put it “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habits .”, doing this task not just once a while but as a daily routine  would set you on path to destiny
One thing with good habits is that they might be difficult to cultivate but if consistently ploughed upon they make you effective and productive. This exercises are good habits that will make you stand out through out the day finishing strong and well
This is because how you think and feel, how inspired and motivated you are, how clear and focused you are in your morning hours determines majorly how you will end your day. Below are ten (10) early morning exercise that will help you get started with your day

1. Keep your Tech gadgets out of range

if the first thing you get busy with after you wake is to get handy woth your phone in emailing, social media post and reply, chatting etc, then you are doing your self a great disservice
Rather, you should first detach from your gadget so that you can, conserve and garner inner energy, get focused and have clarity of mind to begin the days work

2. Take a Glass of Water

Drink water adding some lemon in it which help detoxify your digestive tract, provides vitamin c to boost your immune system, helps in good blood circulation and aids in weight loss.

3. Be Optimistic and Thankful

Before you get out of bed, make it a practise to ruminate over good things that has transpired in your life for a grateful heart is open to more good things. Be thankful for the little things for that  causes your brain to fire up ideas and strategy for bigger things
As you do this, put on a smile, relax yourself and feel good. Have strong faith and be optimistic about the day. When you doubt and becomes pessimistic, it closes the door for more ideas and opportunities. It also makes your brain to go asleep and that will be a very bad way to start your day

4. Meditate

This activity is one of the most important part of your early morning exercise because it channels the subconscious and super conscious energy into the task you have set out for your day
Take the following steps to run your meditation
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  • Pick a location that will be void of any kind of noise
  • Take a comfortable position that will make you more relaxed
  • Take a deep breathe in and then out
  • Pick out a list of things you want to accomplish and place the  before you reciting them
  • Be calm and focused on each and every task you intend to achieve. This allows your subconscious mind and superconscious energy to flow in to create those desires of yours
  • Take a deep breathe after this exercise

6. Exercise

Exercise is another inhabit to start your day with in that it activates and empowers your body and mind to be ready to start up the days schedules
It doesn’t need to be necessarily look professional but a little of jogging, jumping, push ups I’d good to begin the day

7. Put Yourself Together

This involves the normal hygiene that gives you a refreshing experience such as brushing, washing your face, sweeping, arranging the house, bathing and putting in nice well ironed cloths for work
The resultant effect is that you go into your day with self confidence and accomplishment

8. Have a Healthy Breakfast

You’ve most likely heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you make time to eat a healthy breakfast (lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains), you’ll have more energy throughout the day and a stronger ability to focus and concentrate.

9. Set up a list of goals to meet before the day’s end

A saying goes “he who fails to plan plans to fail”. The first step to plan is to have a set of goals called ‘To-do’ which have carefully drafted out. This allows you to go into the day with high motivation, energy and focus
Allowing your goals to be in your mind  and not on paper prevents you from being dedicated enough due to the noise that fills our mind. It also gives you a send of purpose knowing that you don’t have to waste your time chasing shadow

10. Sleep well

During the hours of sleep, the body and the mind self heal itself from stressed allows good energy to flow into you such that by the time you ate awake, you have the stamina to take on the days hurdles
Lack of good sleep leads to mental fatigue, stress and general body break down. Hence it is of essence that we have good and relaxed sleep where the body and mind are  at rest

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