Exclusive Interview with the Made In Heaven Crew

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Exclusive Interview with the Made In Heaven Crew

Hey Everyone,
We at Gospoholic.com had an exclusive interview with the fast rising Music group, Made In Heaven over the weekend. On it they spoke about their new and well received single, Afuru m gi n’anya. They also spoke about their future plans and more.
Check it out!

Gospoholic: Hello Everyone
Kasope: Good day Gospoholic
Gospoholic: To begin with, who’s the leader of the group.
Made In Heaven: Everyone is a leader in the group. We come up with ideas, suggestions and we try to look at how it can help push the group forward. We do it without lording anything on ourselves. So, everybody plays the leadership role in Made In Heaven. It streams from the fact that we have different areas of gifting and abilities apart from music(which is a common ground). So, we channel those other gifting, and ask one another for inputs and suggestions.
Gospoholic: So why did you guys go into gospel, with the great vocal quality we heard on Afuru m gi n’anya, you guys can still be cool outside gospel. So why?
Kasope: When it comes to the role of the gospel, its a message. Its not dependent on the genre of music. So, its easy to switch from different genres of music-classic rock, Blues, highlife, reggae, etc-to bring out the message of the gospel. Also, the essence of what we do is to connect people back to God.
Lumynors O’ven: A voice is just a tool…What is most important is the heart and message behind the voice. Just like Kasope has rightly said, the Gospel is all about Jesus….Made In Heaven also believes that anything we are doing must edify the people. If its not edifying, its not Made In Heaven. Be it love, worship, inspirational, or praise, it has to edify people and the body of Christ.
Olusayo: We are all individual gospel artists with our convictions for the ministry, so coming together as a gospel group wasn’t difficult. Yes, we can be great in the secular world, but it’s our personal decisions to use our gifting for God.
Gospoholic: So how did it all start? Made In Heaven to be precise. One thing is for definitely for sure, you guys were not born together.
Olusayo: I was to feature both of them as individual artists on my new You Tube Channel interview session when the interview couldn’t hold that day, so we had to re-scheduled for another day. During the second meeting, we had some technical challenges that got the interviews delayed. Next, I heard Kasope’s tap on his guitar and that was it. The free style began and Jeje, our first single was birthed. It was only after some weeks that we decided to make it a full song.
Kasope: It started in a unique way for us.We weren’t even thinking of a music group then. Olusayo and I were in the same choirs in the University back then. Lumynors O’ven and Olusayo were actually course mates from the same department. Olusayo invited us for an interview on our musical projects as we had all recorded songs differently. We came in as different artists, but we ended up talking about music/life as the interview couldn’t hold the first day. Lumynors brought in a vibe that created an inspirational moment. Olusayo’s aura just cascaded the atmosphere. I only had to play the guitar as we just started singing Jeje and clowning around at first. But thankfully, we recorded Jeje, our first single on a phone. thankfully, its recorded.
Lumynors O’ven: We were not thinking of forming a group, but at the same time, we don’t believe in happenstance or coincidence, everything has a divine plan and purpose, right from our first meeting after years of leaving the University, to the first chord Kasope struck on the guitar, We knew it was divinely planned, and we had to yield to it. As to the matter of the name Made In Heaven, it was born out of that…Ordained from Heaven..
Gospoholic.com: What inspired your new single, Afuru m gi n’anya?
Kasope : Afuru m gi n’anya’s story came out of our hearts to express total worship to God. The way it works with us is that we are all unique songwriters. Once a vibe comes to someone, we share it with one another. That would form a preamble to what I’m about to say:
I was in church leading worship and the chorus came to me. i just kept singing it till I had to write it down. Afterwards I fleshed out my verse. Olusayo brought in an extraordinary bridge that blew us away when we rehearsed. Lumynors O’ven worked out his verse in an unsually unique way that gave form to the song. So, we can say Afuru m gi n’anya was an exclusive to all of us.
Olusayo: We all come up with our individual verses as its an expression of everyone’s heart. Nobody writes a verse for another, that’s our style. Though we assist one another in fine tuning when necessary.
Lumynors O’ven: Actually we had plans to release another Song, but when Afurum gi n’anya came, everybody knew this was our next song.
Gospoholic: So individually and collectively, who are your big influences musically?
Olusayo: For me, I don’t seem to have one big influence, I have many. Every artist that edifies the soul inspires me.
Kasope: Our musical influences vary .Nigerian and foreign musicians have helped shape our music one way or the other. I know we all agree on Jonathan Mcreynolds though. For me personally, my biggest musical influence has been my mom.
Lumynors O’ven: For me, it’s hard to say… It has to do with my style of writing and the purpose behind it, I write to inspire. I write to create a spark in your mind, just like my name suggests… Lumynors (Luminous): light, illumination, flood of understanding.
So that restricts me to people I listen to. Basically I listen to anyone who has a message.
Gospoholic: What can you guys say about the gospel industry? Where do you guys see yourself in the next 4years or so?
Olusayo: In recent years, the gospel industry has really changed unlike before when it was inferior with no class. Now we have standard gospel music in Nigeria which is an encouragement.
For Made In Heaven, I see us in the fore in coming months and years.
Lumynors O’ven: Gospel Music in Nigeria has really improved. It has grown, its growing and it can only get better. Its breaking barriers and there are no longer restrictions to a particular way or form.
In the next four years, I see Made In Heaven touring and spreading the gospel globally. I see us churning out more edifying and spirit filled songs. I see us becoming a strong influence in the lives of people, I see lives changed and transformed through our music globally.
Kasope: Like Lumynors and Olusayo both said, when it comes to the gospel industry, we can say there’s been lots of growth. Prior to now, you were restricted to particular genres of music to express your heart with the gospel. Now, it’s grown to the use of several genres that were considered anathema: Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, rap and so on.
In the next four years, be sure that Made In Heaven is already a global brand.
Gospoholic: To give this interview a different direction, we’ll ask a personal question. Who is married among you guys?
Kasope: Kasope is single
Lumynors O’ven: Lumynors is Married.
Olusayo: Olusayo is single ooo
Gospoholic: Wow!Wow!Wow! That’s interesting. Another question with a different direction. Do you do anything apart from music?
Olusayo: Sure I’m a researcher /Consultant in the CSR/Sustainability sector.
Lumynors O’ven: Simply put, Lumynors work in a govt. establishment. Hopefully I’ll leave one day to focus on the music properly.
Kasope: Apart from music, i create jingles for advertising firms. Also, i’m honing my gifts as an artist. I create Cartoonic graphics and do lots of photo manipulations. Asides that, I’m a music instructor in areas of voice training, guitar, and keyboards for different individuals and choirs.
Gospoholic: In a nutshell, what’s your advice to younger and upcoming gospel musicians?
Olusayo: Just one word :Focus
Lumynors O’ven: My advice to young gospel artistes out there is to believe in themselves. To every calling or mandate, provisions has been made available, have faith and let the Spirit guide.
Kasope: To young gospel singers out there: Don’t give up! Stay true to who you are within.
Gospoholic: Finally what would like to say to your fans out there. Also, in the near future what do they expect from Made In Heaven?
Kasope: We have two great songs out there…Jeje and Afurum gi n’anya..They should expect the Afuru m gi n’anya video coming out on all platforms soon. Its top notch quality and it’s gonna be a great blessing. Any single we would be releasing next would be in respect to the promotion of our Album, so our fans should expect great things from us. We enjoin everyone to visit Gospoholic.com

Gospoholic: Wow thank so much guys. Gospoholic.com still remains your number fan. Have a great week ahead.
Kasope: Same to you..Made In Heaven says a big THANK YOU.

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