Exclusive Interview – Who is David Elias- with Vera Frank (Host)

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Exclusive Interview – Who is David Elias- with Vera Frank (Host)

Vera Frank: Hello, let’s meet you David:
David Elias: Okay, I am David Elias Emmanuel, from Cross River State. The second and Last child of my parents. Graduated from Middlesex University, London (Mauritius Branch Campus). Currently lecturing in the department Of Computer Science, UNICAL. A songwriter, Music Minister
Vera Frank: What made you go into music and gospel music in particular?
David Elias: Well, I have been into music for as long as I can remember. From singing in the children’s choir in church, to various musical groups, home and abroad. I’m a second generation singer. My mum sings actively till now. So, music has been with me all my life.
Vera Frank: Which year did you go into the music scene officially?
David Elias: I’ll say 2007 It’s been great! It’s an honor serving the Lord with my gifts. It’s the most fulfilling when I hear, see people being blessed and uplifted through my ministry.
Vera Frank: Tell us about your hobbies as well as your weirdest moment.
David Elias: “Ehmmm… Lol, my hobby is sports, reading about sports and reading random articles. And my weirdest moments are where I stand up to get to stage and I’m blank I’m the Spirit just takes over and God is glorified.”
Vera Frank: What are the challenges you have encountered so far and what lessons have you learnt from them?
David Elias: Well, the general challenge of Gospel music is general acceptance.. by all and sundry. That’s same for me.
Vera Frank: We heard you released something new for everyone out there on Valentine’s day. Tell us about your new single.
David Elias: Yeah that’s my debut single title: Great is our God. God gave me that song 3 years ago. I was just enjoying sometime with the Holy Ghost when I heard the chorus and that’s it. It’s a song that extols God’s greatness.. a theme of ecclesiastical worship.
Vera Frank: What’s your advice to gospel music artistes round the globe? Tell them something you’ve always wanted telling them if they were all gathered in one place.
David Elias: Let’s be circumspect about the temptation to compromise on order to gain acceptance.
Wow! Thank you so much for your time Mr. David Elias.
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