Ekwela Kam Da – Kachi Ezeh

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Ekwela Kam Da – Kachi Ezeh Lyrics


Chim ekwela kam da. (My God, do not let me fall)
Abum nwa nke gi. (I am your child)
Mgbe okwukwe m nada (when my faith is failing)
Eze kurum n’aka gi (my King, carry me in your arms)
Mgbe uzom gbachiri (when my door is closed)
Onyenwe anyi meghepurum uzo (My Lord, open up the door)
K’oru oma nile iruru n’isi mu ghara ila n’iyi (Let the good work you did in me not be in vain)

Verse one
I admit oh Lord sometimes,
It is hard to pray
I admit oh lord sometimes
It’s hard to lift your name
I admit it with what I face
Every day in this life
Bianu Chim, come hold my hand
In times of trouble.

Verse Two
Hmmm, I’m made to give you praise
But sometimes, with what I see
It brings down my faith
Sometimes, with what I go through
I forget to praise
But with you by my side, sweet Jesus
I will scale through

Repeat Chorus

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Verse 3
Then I heard His voice saying
Do not fret my child
Then I saw His hand holding,
Bearing me on His arm
Then I felt this inner peace
All over my soul
Yes, my grace is sufficient
I could hear Him say.

English chorus. (freestyle)
Don’t let me fall
I say I am yours
When my faith is low
Lord, take me up in your arms
When my door is closed
Come and lift it out of the way
Let your death on the cross
Let it not be in vain in my life

Chim Ekwela x4 (My God, don’t let)
Ekwela kam da (don’t let me fall)
Ekwela ka ndi uwa chiam ochi (don’t let the people of the world laugh at me)
When my door is closed
Come and lift it out of the way
In my life, in this life
I will never fail

Repeat Chorus

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