[Download + Lyric] Flo – Mo Juba Re (Download + Lyric)

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[Download] Flo – Mo Juba Re (Download + Lyric) 

Artist: Flo
Song Title: Mo Juba Re 
In the morning,
I will seek you
In the noon time,
I will see your face
In the night time,
I will testify, of your goodness in my life
And I will sing
And worship you
All my life yeah!

Kabiasi o
Mojuba re (Ajuba re)
Oba nla
Kabiasi o
Mojuba re (Ajuba re)
Eyin nikan logo ye

I will teach my children of you
They will gather about at your table
They will sing and dance and clap
They will rejoice
Yes and bask in your love
And we will sing and worship you
All our life’s uh yeah!

In you I find my destiny
In you have come to know all things are possible yeah!
Yes nothing can never hid from your glory
Even to you,
The darkness is light uh yeah!
And even though,
I walk yes though the valley of the shadow of death yeah
I know yes, your spirit shall remain by my side

Repeat Chorus

Kabiayesi o,
I bow down and worship you
Kabiayesi o,
A wa ma Yin o
Olori aye gbongbo,
I call you lord,
I give you all the praise.

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