DAY 18: RCCG 2019 Fasting & Prayer Points Guidelines

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You can download and view the full RCCG 2019 Fasting Prayer Points and Guidelines here

MONDAY 28th Jan 2019  


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Ps 91:2.  I will say of the LORD, [He is] my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. Ps 34:10, Phil 4:19, 3John 1:2, Ps 112:2,

  1. Father, I thank you for gold and silver of the earth belong to you
  2. Father! Please, hide in the refuge of abundance this year
  3. Father, bless me indeed this year and enlarge my coast
  4. Father, as your beloved child in RCCG, I receive bread to eat daily this year, seed to sow every time in Jesus name
  5. Father, let me be a personal evidence of your faithfulness this year in Jesus name
  6. Father, let the door of my glory be opened wide for shinning this year in Jesus name
  7. Father, where the enemies have cheated me and thought the game was over, recall the matter on my favor this year in Jesus name
  8. Father, in this year, let blood thirsty demons and robbers on the high ways respect my appearance in Jesus name
  9. Father, make my body and that of my relatives immune to any form of sickness in Jesus name. 10. Father, this year of glory, make me an original pattern of glory for people to copy in the name of Jesus
  10. Father, let me be maker of history and not a repeater of history this year in Jesus name
  11. Father, let me experience full scale laughter on all fronts this year in the name of Jesus

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