AUDiO:: Noella “Nothing Else” (Download Mp3 + LYRICS) [@NoellaLive]

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AUDiO:: Noella “Nothing Else” (Download Mp3 + LYRICS)

Noella celebrates her birthday with this latest release titled Nothing Else. Noella is well Known for her unique soul lifting worship songs. Noella drops a brand new single Nothing Else.

This birthday is truly a remarkable one for me. I have not lived too long but yet lived long enough to fully come to the realization that everything is a loss without Jesus Christ. This is my heartfelt message to the world. In Christ I have found life and purpose…nothing else matters!

Noella “Nothing Else”


Verse 1:

I have one desire, and that will I seek
To behold your beauty, and enquire in your temple
I long for nothing else(4×)


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I wanna be like you, talk like you
Think like you do and, walk like you

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2:

Help me to know and show, your love to the world
And loving you with all that I am
I long for nothing else (4x)

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge: If I live, it’s got to be (for) you
If I breathe, it’s got to be (for) you
Its for you
If I live, it’s got to be (for) you
Oche ka oche it’s got to be (for) you
Agabaidu eh… it’s got to be (for) you
Adah kum oh…it’s got to be (for) you… oh!

(Repeat bridge)

sing till fade


Download Mp3

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